Skip A Payment

We are offering Skip A Payment options, if you so choose, where you may skip a loan payment for the Month of June. This ONLY applies to loans and NOT Visa payments.

You must call or stop by the Credit Union to notify us if you wish to skip a payment. This is not an automatic selection. Interest will still accrue on the unpaid balance and the due date will move to the next month.

4/20/20 Branch Update

As of Monday, April 20th, we will resume normal branch hours, for now. This may change as the situation warrants. Updates will posted on our website.

Based on new guidelines from the PA Department of Health, all those entering the branch MUST wear face coverings, such as masks. For those without face coverings, we will try to accommodate your needs via the side door mail slot (after hours drop off) to the right of our main entrance.

We thank you for your patience during our staff self quarantine. Everyone is fine.