Online Access to VISA Credit Card is Now Available!

You may now access your North Districts Community Credit Union VISA Credit Card online at  We also have a link to the site under the Useful Links tab at the top our homepage.  View transactions, make a payment, set up alerts, dispute an item, and even receive e-statements.

Beware of New Phone Scam

Beware of New Phone Scam

The scam targets debit card information followed by large withdrawals from members’ checking accounts. The gist is this — members get a phone call with the caller pretending to be with your credit union’s fraud department. The caller is likely using a spoofed phone number so the incoming number looks legitimate. The caller explains that possible fraudulent activity occurred on your card, and they provide you with fake transaction details so you believe your card was compromised. Under the guise of verifying your identity and helping you get a new card, the caller will attempt to gain your personal information and private banking information.

There are three major red flags that should tell members to stop the call and hang up immediately: 1.The caller asks for your card PIN. Never provide your PIN to anyone—verbally or with your phone keypad. There is no valid reason that a caller will ever request your card PIN. 2.The caller asks you to provide your online banking ID or password. 3.The caller asks you to provide your card or CVV number. If you have fallen victim to the scam, SHERPA Identity Theft Protection can help.


Unsecured personal loan special starting at 6.99%* for one year. Additional terms available. See our rate page for additional terms and rates.

*Rates listed “As Low As” with your final rated based on credit worthiness.

Loan Rates for New or Used Autos, Motorcycles, RV’S and Boats

Rates for Automobiles, Motorcycles, RV’s and Boats are now based on model year of the titled property, whether classified as “new”, “used” or a lease buy-out.We are providing an opportunity to re-finance an existing loan with a re-finance fee of $50. So if you recently received a used car loan at 4.50% for a newer model year vehicle, you maybe able to reduce your loan rate. Re-finance fee only applies to re-financed loans at a lower rate.