Credit Card Site now available within Home Banking

A new feature was added within Home Banking for those that have our credit card. Next to the credit card balance you can expand for additional items. Click on the EZ Card Access, which will take you to a new page. Click the FIS Card Management button and you will automatically be directed to our credit card EZ Card website. From here you may view all your credit card activity, intiate a dispute and make a payment from a bank account held at another financial insitution. This is also the same as our current site without the additional login.

Sample Starter Checks

Everyone that has a Credit Union checking account, has received a complimentary sample packet of starter checks in the mail. As a result of our data processing conversion in March, your checking account number on the MICR line of the check has changed. You may still continue to use your existing checks until they run out, then please begin utilizing the new checks.

Additionally, only the primary account holders name is listed on the check. When you order any subsequent checks, you may add any additional names at that time. Just because their name may not be on the check, if they are a joint owner on the account, they may still sign the check.