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Share Rates (effective as of September 30, 2022)

TypeAnnual Percentage RateAnnual Percentage YieldNotes
Shares0.15%0.15%$50.00 (Minimum average daily balance over $50.00 to receive dividend)
Checking0.15%0.15%$0.00(Minimum average daily balance of $500.00 required to earn dividend)
Christmas Club0.13%0.13%$0.00 (Dividend rate paid annually October 31st)
TBD = To Be Determined
The below calculator is for informational purposes only.
Average Daily Balance, paid at the end of each quarter.

Certificates of Deposit (effective as of November 1, 2022)

TermAnnual Percentage RateAnnual Percentage YieldMinimum Deposit
6 Month0.40%0.40%$1,000.00
1 Year0.75%0.75%$1,000.00
3 Year1.25%1.25%$1,000.00
5 Year1.50%1.50%$1,000.00
The below calculator is for informational purposes only.
CD Calculator
Face Value
Number of Months
Compounding Frequency
Annual Interest Rate
Value at Maturity Calculated

Loan Rates (effective as of November 1, 2022)

2021-2019 AutoUp to 66 months5.99%
New/Used/Lease Buy-Out
2018 -2016 AutoUp to 66 months6.75%Used or Lease Buy-out
2015-2013 AutoUp to 66 months7.00%Used or Lease Buy-out
2012-2010 AutoUp to 66 months7.50%Used
2009-2007 AutoUp to 66 months8.00%Used
2006-2004 AutoUp to 66 months8.50%Used
2003-2001 AutoUp to 66 months9.00%Used
MotorcycleUp to 66 months7.50%Rates based on model year
Recreational VehicleUp to 66 months8.50%Rates based on model year
BoatUp to 66 months8.50%Rates based on model year
Personal1 Year9.99%Up to $10,000
Personal2 Year10.99%Up to $10,000
Personal3 Year11.99%Up to $10,000
Personal4 Year12.99%Up to $10,000
Personal5 Year13.99%Up to $10,000
Home Equity$10,000 Minimum$250,000 Maximum Applicant must furnish copy of deed
Home Equity1 to 5 years5.99%100% value of home
Home Equity5 to 10 years6.99%90% value of home
Home Equity10 to 15 years7.99%80% value of home
Visa 9.90%No annual fee, $10,000 maximum
Student Visa 9.90%No annual fee, $1000 maximum
Visa Balance Transfer6.90%No Fees
*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. All rates are listed "as low as" based on credit worthiness, debt ratio and loan to value. For auto, boat, motorcycle and RV loan terms over 66 months, add 0.25% to the base rate.
Loan Calculator


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